Strange, but the man who made the song was blind;
Yet, now I have considered it, I find
That nothing strange; the tragedy began
With Homer that was a blind man,
And Helen has all living hearts betrayed.
O may the moon and sunlight seem
One inextricable beam,
For if I triumph I must make men mad.

W. B. Yeats, “The Tower”

You've awaited this moment for years. You've groaned, despaired and pleaded - your life incomplete without the virtual me. Fret no more - you've come to the right place! The place to find out everything (well, almost...) about me. The place to learn about my dreams of madness and ecstasy. The place....

Seriously though, the main reason for this web site's existence is to provide a gateway to my photography, computer science and salsa web pages, which, between them, cover most of my interests and passions. Oh, and if you're wondering what “jantar” means, you can read all about it here. So sit down, relax, and enjoy my musings!

Patryk Zadarnowski