Adventures in Computer Science

Philosophy is a battle against the bewitchment
of our intelligence by means of language.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Welcome to my little computer science and open source portal, a small collection of information pertaining to my professional interests, scientific research and “spare time” open source projects. If you are short on time, here's a few quick links to my most interesting biographic material:

When it comes to computing, my interests revolve around applied logic or, more pragmatically, design of new algorithms and application of existing algorithms in unusual contexts, such as the use of graph coloring in presentation of content on a web portal. My most prolific work involves research on the application of purely-functional programming techniques to compilation of traditional imperative languages such as C, C++ and Java (which also happens to be the subject of my PhD dissertation), formal verification of software and compiler-based program verification techniques. In addition, I often find myself tinkering with various problems in the area of distributed and real-time computation, a field which I first got interested in during my undergraduate honors research at the University of New South Wales and have since pursued in a number of commercial engagements.

Concerning open source, there's a number of projects that I have contributed to humanity over the years. The most significant of these is FunCC, my attempt at an implementation of a formally-verified, theorem-proving and standards-compilant C compiler, originally concieved as my PhD project. On a less serious note, I am also interested in processing of international text and literate programming practices, the later giving rise to my lambdaTEX package for sophisticated automated typesetting of literate programs and various other experiments in the use of TEX as a fully-featured programming environment. In the past, I also spent significant amount of time on the design of Sulima, an extendible and accurate distributed instruction set simulator written in C++.