Contact Information

Do you need to contact me? If you're a Nigerian banker desiring to launder USD 10,000,000 of embezzled funds, a Canadian pharmacist bursting to share news of your latest pirated medications or a Russian bride desperate in need of perfect man, then don't bother. I already receive hundreds of emails just like yours every day and all of it is dealt directly by my loyal spam filters. Otherwise, type the following address into your favourite mail client and type away!

But please, please do not send me huge files (emails larger then 3MB or so will be quietly dropped by my mail server) or Microsoft Word attachments (there's plenty of more standard ways to transmit such documents these days; in particular, feel free to send me Acrobat PDF files, or even HTML if you must.) Otherwise, I promise to get back to you as soon as I can, which will usually be within one or two days of receiving your valued correspondence.

Patryk Zadarnowski